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AstraZeneca and the World Heart Federation have partnered on the Spotlight On Heart Failure campaign, designed to educate people about heart failure and improve the prognosis for those who have been diagnosed.

The public part of the website was created to provide information to people who may be at risk of developing heart failure, as well as for patients who have been diagnosed with heart failure and their caregivers.

The website will help your patients:

  • Understand the symptoms of heart failure
  • Identify if they may be at a higher risk of heart failure
  • Learn how to take action to lower their risk
  • Hear stories from other patients and carers of living with heart failure


Patient resources

Risk Checker
Help your patients check if they may have any of the risk factors associated with this interactive risk checker.

Risk Checker

Symptom checker
Encourage your patients to be aware of all the symptoms of heart failure and keep track of them with an interactive symptom checker.

Symptom checker

Conversation starters
Help your patients track their symptoms between visits and prepare for their appointments with our downloadable symptom tracker and discussion guides.

Conversation starter

Patient & carer stories
Hear from patients and carers how they have learned to live with heart failure.

Patient & carer stories